We know the world doesn’t change by itself. It is changed by those with vision, resources, and knowledge.
About the Fund

3ED Ventures is a  angel investor sYNDICATE, investing in an early stage start ups

We will be the first to invest in a startup, and we will share our contacts and advice. We won’t impose our ideas and won’t get in the way, because we know from experience that only the founder can take his idea over the line.
3ED Ventures is a closed community of of an Angel investors, serial entrepreneurs, startup founders, experts, mentors, and advisors. We  make seed and pre-seed investments in technological startups that are changing the world for the better.
3ED Ventures is made up of experienced IT entrepreneurs and experts, so our knowledge and experience are very useful for a startup at the earliest stages.
For experts
To help our founders, we hire only the best specialists: product managers, marketers, analysts, lawyers, financiers, designers, engineers, and business developers.
For angel investors
We invest in projects at stages from initial idea to funcional MVP with traction. Our syndicate makes investments of up to 100 000 € in an individual project.
For founders
We are especially interested in startups related to the following fields: Marketplace, Web 3.0, Fintech, AI, SaaS, Mobile Apps, Dating, Ecommerce, Gaming.

Together with 3ED Ventures, you are building the next generation of venture capital

Experienced entrepreneurs and aspiring investors are the backbone of our fund. We are the ones capable of making money together in truly smart and novel ways, not limiting ourselves with notions of how things "should be" done.

We invest in Marketplaces, Web 3.0, Fintech, Ecommerce, AI, SaaS, Dating, Gaming, P2P platforms, Edtech, and other tech companies.


the world doesn’t change by itself. It is changed by those with vision, resources, and knowledge

We know

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